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Gluconic Acid cleaning agent

  • Gluconic Acid CAS: 526-95-4

    Contact NowGluconic Acid CAS: 526-95-4SPECIFICATION Gluconic acid is a mild organic acid, neither caustic nor corrosive and with an excellent sequestering power. Non-toxic and readily biodegradable (98 % after 2 days), it occurs naturally in plants, fruits and other foodstuffs such as wine (up to 0.25 %) and honey (up to 1 %).Read More

  • Gluconic Acid Solution Cleaning Agent

    Contact NowGluconic Acid Solution Cleaning AgentProduct Description gluconic acid 50% solution: packed in 250kg plastic drum (size:58*92cm). Chemical Name:Gluconic acid solution Molecular Weight:196.16 Formula:C6H12O7 Other Names:Dextronic acid; Pentahydroxycaproic acid CAS Number:526 -95-4 EINECS number:208-401-4 Our Service: - Tell us what...Read More

  • Liquid Gluconic Acid

    Contact NowLiquid Gluconic AcidProduct description: Gluconic acid solution is the shape of a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid syrup, general merchandise gluconic acid solution concentration is about 50%. Odorless or slight odor. Sour taste. Usage : Food additives can do, gluconic acid solution acidity regulator,...Read More