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  • 99% Glucono-Delta-Lactone Dairy Ingredients

    Contact Now99% Glucono-Delta-Lactone Dairy IngredientsGlucono delta-lactone (GDL) E575 is a lactone (cyclic ester) of D-gluconic acid. Physical and Chemical characteristics: Pure GDL is a white odorless crystalline powder. Glucono Delta-Lactone is soluble in water. Application: As a good multi-functional food additive, it is mainly used for protein...Read More

  • Cheese Protein Coagulant Glucono-delta-lactone

    Contact NowCheese Protein Coagulant Glucono-delta-lactonePhysical and Chemical characteristics: GDL, white crystalline powder, almost odorless,freely soluble in water(60g/ml),has a slightly sweet taste, then sour, sparingly soluble in ethyl alcohol(1g/100ml),almost insoluble ether. Upon addition to water readily forms an mixture of the lactone GDL and...Read More

  • Glucono Delta-Lactone Granule

    Contact NowGlucono Delta-Lactone GranuleProduct description: Glucono Delta-Lactone granule is white granule, almost odourless, taste sweet after the first acid, soluble in water, insoluble in ether. Main application: Stability and curing agent, and sour agent, chelating agent. Method of use: Glucono delta-lactone-granule can be used...Read More